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Monday, May 15, 2006

All that is to be known is revealed

"Some theologians think that a Christ-centered theology does not do justice to the Triune God, who is 'much more.' They are particularly disturbed by the lack of emphasis on the Father, who as the Creator supposedly makes himself known through the orders of creation, and on the Holy Spirit, who as the Illuminator, Comforter, and Sanctifier supposedly makes himself known in the hearts of men. What they fail to realize is that they have fallen into a tri-theism that violates the generally accepted ground rule of the doctrine of the Trinity, namely, 'The works of the Trinity in relation to the creation are undivided.' Furthermore, in appealing to a knowledge of God apart from Jesus Christ they disregard the blindness of sinful man to true reality and actually advocate a "God" who is no more than an extension of the world. It was Bonhoeffer's contention, and we think he was right, that in the man Jesus Christ all that is to be known of God in his relation to the world is revealed. We know God only in this human form, in the 'incognito' of the flesh, in the weakness of the crib and the cross, in the One whose entire concern was for others - even unto death. But precisely in him we know all.

"What do we mean by 'all'? Just this: that through and in him all reality, the reality of the world and the reality of God, is opened up to us..."

-John Godsey, "Bonhoeffer the Man,"
in Preface to Bonhoeffer, 1965


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