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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

How's the world look through your rose-colored glasses?

I rarely watch The Daily Show, but I couldn't sleep tonight and found a rerun of Stewart's interview with Helen Thomas, veteran White House reporter. After saying that her favorite President was JFK, and talking about the Moon landing and the Peace Corps and the Cuban Missle Crisis, Stewart asked what was the difference between JFK and GWB, seeing as how Bush also is high-minded in his rhetoric. Here's Thomas's answer:

"You don't export democracy from the barrel of a gun."


Ever heard of the Bay of Pigs, Helen? How's about the Vietnam War, which any historian will tell you started under Kennedy's watch, and the responsibility for which would have been laid at his feet had he not been assassinated and subsequently deified? How's that for gun-barrel democracy?

Stewart lapped up the applause. I turned off the TV - I should have waited to see if anything else developed, but I have a low tolerance for ignorance.

Disagree with the Iraq War if you want. That's fine. You may be right. But a lot of the opposition to Bush is so obviously ignorant self-serving posturing that it just makes me want to dig in my heels.

Helen - let's tell the truth: What's the difference between Bush and JFK?

The difference is I liked JFK - I don't like Bush. Plus, disliking Bush and liking JFK will make me look hip and cool.


Blogger Todd Haskins said...

Great blog. But actually the show was not a re-run that night.

3:46 AM  
Blogger Lee said...

I once made a couple of liberal friends really mad by suggesting that JFK, in policy terms, was actually to the right of George Bush - hawkish foreign policy, supply side tax cuts, etc. and that they were being inconsistent in their admiration of JFK and scorning of Bush. They didn't like it at all. :D

9:14 AM  

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