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Sunday, June 04, 2006

The Day of Pentecost

Veni Creator Spiritus

A good, good many people wearing red today.

A tidbit from Luther on John 16:

"For the Holy Spirit and the Christian Church are not concerned with anything that is subject to reason and that pertains to this temporal life and to secular government - such as the making of laws, how to eat and drink, becoming monks or nuns, having a wife and children or remaining unmarried, differentiating between laity and clergy, obtaining and multiplying the property of the church, building and endowing churches, etc. No, the Holy Spirit occupies Himself with other matters: how to rescue men from sin and death by making them children of God, righteous, and heirs of eternal life; how to build the kingdom of God and destroy the kingdom of hell; how to fight against the devil and overcome him; how to give comfort, strength, and support to a believing conscience. The Holy Spirit does this in order that man may remain alive in the midst of death and may be able to keep a good conscience and God's grace even though he is aware of his sins...

"...for we are opposed by an enemy who is not interested in the temporal trivia which we possess here."


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